GB Gardeners Ltd. Frequently Asked Questions

GB Gardeners Ltd. is different, because it has been always oriented to the customer. By offering individual assistance to customers, they can 100% rely on us and eventually get the best of our modern gardening programs. We are also flexible and helpful, ready to support your garden plans, as well as to provide you with all the details about our top-notched and hassle-free gardening services in the United Kingdom. As our client you will be explained about the details for the service you have ordered. Before that or in case of emergency clarity about our basic job, you are free to see the top FAQs about our services below:

Q: When can I order gardening service?

A: Our garden maintenance company works 365 days per year with no exceptions for weekends or holidays. We provide gardening services before, after or during working hours. We are available to work after-hours. We are flexible and we are happy to meet your personal or professional schedule.

Q: What is the fixed price for any gardening service?

A: Most of our competitive gardening services are not fixed. The final price depends on the time needed for their performance, your individual demands and the frequency of visitations you book. You can apply for daily, fortnightly, weekly and monthly services. We always give you free quotation in advance before closing the contract. VAT, equipment and insurance are included in the price.

Q: Where should I be during the service?

A: It is up to you whether to stay nearby or spend the free time outside the property. You can leave us your personal instructions. Just do your best to be around at the end of the procedure to confirm you are satisfied with the final result or to make your claims afterwards.

Q: What if I am not satisfied with the final result?

A: All of our gardening services are with insurance included. You are free to reach us within 24 hours if you have something to add or to make a statement. If your complaints are close to the truth, another gardening team will be sent to you to re-do the procedure or fix the faults.

Q: Can I ask for some plant seeding job?

A: The gardeners we work with are fully trained to perform any gardening job, including planting trees and other types of greenery, flowers and bushes. Provide the seeds and they will help you out.

Dear customers, if you have any additional questions about our gardening company or garden maintenance services in the United Kingdom, we are here to give you free and quick answers. Contact our consultants at any convenient for you time! Just use the online booking form or simply dial this phone number 020 3746 1190! The line is opened for you 24/7!

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